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//? sub (WIP) by 43616b65537079 //? sub (WIP) :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 0 0 Still alive... by 43616b65537079 Still alive... :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 1 0 //? Skylark by 43616b65537079 //? Skylark :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 1 0 10271428 700672909981564 4767496446346710224 O by 43616b65537079 10271428 700672909981564 4767496446346710224 O :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 1 0
//?A Curious Sergal (3)- Part 16- Version 1
She slowly raked her claws over the smooth wood surface of the Reono-crafted table, gouging out small filings of once professional-level carpentry work. Her golden eyes watched, ever intrigued by the destruction her claws wreaked on the hapless wooden surface. All these clutters of paper were boring her. The Brutal General found it funny how such small scribbles could mean so much to some people.
“My General!”
Rain gazed up from the parchment. A lone spearlancer stood at attention at the periphery of the far side of the grand table that used to be the center piece of the Reono dwelling they searched in. It was scorched, and one of its legs was beginning to splinter. None of that mattered though. It was going to be a heap of ash by the time the Shigu left. There would be nothing left of value in the city-state that would not have been raided or burned by then. The less resources that her army left behind meant the less resources for another army that opposed her.
:icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 8 0
VilousV2 by 43616b65537079 VilousV2 :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 4 2 Tinfoil-Man Animated by 43616b65537079 Tinfoil-Man Animated :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 5 7
//?A Curious Sergal (3)- Part 15- Version 1
It was dark. But slightly warm. The wind penetrated his fur, spreading an all too familiar smooth cool all over his skin. A soft, dull pain seemed to reside in all his bones, making it just uncomfortable enough to matter. Jax’s eyes cracked open. A soft orange glow resided over everything, the trees, the soil, in small needle-like reflections on his fur.
He was too dazed to try to feign sleeping, and as he lifted his head off his right arm the pain shot through his bones, but slowly died down. As the blood returned to his arm he held his fingers in front of himself and tested them. Thousands of tiny needles danced on them while the blood began circulating again.
“You’re up”, a familiar female voice spoke, “Good”
Jax slowly shifted himself to get a better view of his audience by reaching his left arm near the ground, but nearly went limp when a pain struck his ribcage’s core.
“My General!” a small figure presented itself before o
:icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 8 0
Vilouscompilation by 43616b65537079 Vilouscompilation :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 4 4 Robot of Boredom by 43616b65537079 Robot of Boredom :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 3 0 Departure by 43616b65537079 Departure :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 3 0 Homeworld2Sketch by 43616b65537079 Homeworld2Sketch :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 6 0 M-Other.AI by 43616b65537079 M-Other.AI :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 15 3 Carrier by 43616b65537079 Carrier :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 4 5 Drone by 43616b65537079 Drone :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 1 2 The Nomad by 43616b65537079 The Nomad :icon43616b65537079:43616b65537079 3 3

Behold, a literature collab!(so that's how links work!)

:icon43616b65537079: :icontinfoil-man:
\storynamehere\ Ch-1 Part-1 (Solace of Space)BEEP BEEP BEEP
Darkness. Complete and utter darkness. Just the way Riza liked it. She detached the breathing apparatus that was standard for sleeping in a low gravity environment and let 'natural' air flow into her lungs. She really didn't need one; Katabatan bodies were the best of all space-faring races suited for zero gravity environments due to the abnormal gravity of their late homeworld.
She blinked with the translucent membrane that served as her secondary eyelids, and stretched her wide, wing-like arms across her sleeping unit, as if to absorb all the covers' soft fluffiness before having to get up.
"YAWN!" Her dagger-like teeth glinted in the rays of light that came from the fluorescent strip on the ground. She really didn't want to wake up. It felt like she had only been through half a sleep-cycle so far, why was the alarm going off?
She sighed aloud before flinging one of her arms far across her sleeping unit and hit the button attached to its hull. She lye th
/storynamehere/ Ch-1 Part-1     Are my eyes open?
     He was not sure. The sight was the same, whether he opened his eyes or not. Blackness. Profound blackness. Just like a big blob of wool was sitting on his head. The locals were well accustomed to the lack of light. They worked, lived and were even born in these conditions. Unlike Dmitri.
     As long as nothing was stalking him in that darkness, everything would be okay. So he felt around. Sometimes he was curious. Sometimes afraid. It's not every day you go blind.
     "Oh great Bralu-" he managed to utter, startled by finding something just over his chest, before hitting his head on something hard. A month and yet I hit my head on the ceiling more often than anyone. Maybe I'll mine myself some head space before I'm done here.
     "You received a letter, it was sent personally. I put it on the table. And your shift is a



Nettled Allegorist

/* I am 43616b65537079, (Hex for CakeSpy) the proxy of CakeSpy. I am a student that is heavily invested in science and math, and felt that it would be better to diversify by exploring art and literature. This is my alternative way of doing that. I have never written or arted (yes, that is now a verb) anything as substantial as this before, so if anyone has any comments or crittiques on anything I make, please feel free to notify me. I am sorry if the fact that I comment all of my lines with slashed gets annoying, but in my engineering class we are working on a programming section, so I am trying to get into the habit.

P.S. Not sure how the whole collabaration thing works, but if anyone would like to try it, (literature, digital art, or drawn) I would love to try, reguarless of topic.

//? If you want some generic computer code this script can help you out! I made it about a year ago when I needed a matrix-like background for a school project. This syntax will only work on windows. Remember, these scripts do not modify anything on your computer, they just display some of your computer's information in a .txt file. Make sure the part of text you use has no personal information.

//? Just open up notepage and type:   reg query hku /s >> C:\hax.txt

//? Save the file as a .bat and run it! The command prompt will dump the code into "C:\hax.txt", but you can change the directory if you so choose.

/*Example uses:
M-Other Awakening by 43616b65537079

//?Another fun thing is to open the command prompt and type:
color 0a
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